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Cylinder Labels from Label Solutions

There are a lot of printers who produce labels for cylinders, but only one company, Label Solutions, prints a majority of them across North America. There are several reasons why so many companies turn to Label Solutions for their label needs, but principally it's because we offer much more than simple printing services.

As a matter of fact, Label Solutions is an integral partner to the compressed gas industry in North America. Our talented staff commands decades of experience and knowledge of printing techniques, international trends and federal regulatory requirements. Our due diligence will help prevent your company from getting stuck with large printed inventories that become useless following new government regulations.

Research and Development

One thing certain about technology is the tendency to always more forward. Label Solutions R&D team works constantly to stay in sync with evolving scientific developments in inks, adhesives and material stocks to translate new advances into more durable, efficient and economical products for our customers.

An excellent example of this dedication to continual improvement is our Cryoband series. Label Solutions' technicians developed the original 360 degree wrap as a response to a Dewar mis-identification issue and has further improved the product over the years, culminating in the all new Cryoband II featuring a markedly improved capability to withstand the harsh conditions experienced by Dewars in the field.

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